METRO ❤️ Traffic Jams

METRO’s decisions have given us the


It’s been going on for decades…

People have been saying “METRO loves traffic jams” since the 1990’s.

…but METRO has been determined to make it worse. It’s their plan!

7 Ways METRO

and their local governement partners


#1. METRO regional government has blocked creation of new lanes.

#2. METRO regional government has been removing existing roads.

#3. METRO regional government has blocked creation of new bridges.

#4. METRO regional government has blocked creation of highway bypasses.

#5. METRO & lawmakers waste tax dollars.

  • The Westside Express Service train ($161 million to build) moves only 850 people daily. It costs taxpayers 4.5 times more to ride this train than if they took a bus. Unlike buses the WES train stops all traffic both ways as it crosses city streets, creating traffic jams. We spent $161 million to increase both travel costs and congestion.
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#6. The cost of driving has skyrocketed…

#7. METRO wants to become like LA

There is also a statewide effort to reduce parking

  • Our top 10 worst traffic in the nation rating is a direct result of the decisions by our METRO regional government along with our state and local officials.  We hope this education effort ends their war on cars and helps to engage in successful and cost-effective traffic relieving ideas that hundreds of other cities have already put into effect.

How to support us

Cascade Policy Institute

The #1 way to support the cause is to help the educational effort by supporting Cascade Policy Institute.

Since 1991, Cascade has been monitoring Metro, attending their hearings, analyzing their budgets, producing driver-friendly solutions and broadcasting to the public Metro’s flawed laws and tax proposals.

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Another way to help is to support the Taxpayer Association of Oregon, which since 1999, has been advocating for lower taxes and exposing government waste.

Funds here help their billboard, radio and digital campaign.